TINY GIGANTIC develops digital security strategies with communities organizing for social justice to more safely and freely use the internet to speak out, build power, and dream together.

Our Work

Holistic Organizational Safety

We work with organizations and collectives to develop policies and build capacity in sustainable digital safety practices. Tiny Gigantic takes a collaborative approach to ensure that the strategies we develop align with your team, your organizational values, and your mission.

Curriculum Development and Training

We work with networks of social justice activists and public institutions to create curriculums and training sessions to build knowledge and practice with digital security and to advance digital rights and safety for everyone. All of our workshops center radical self and collective care, and are grounded in political education.

Imagining Alternatives

We believe in technology that is aligned with the values of social justice movements. We take pleasure in reimagining technologies and ways of using them to make more equitable and inclusive digital technologies. We actively seek out and welcome anyone who wants to play with technology this way.

Who We Work With

Organizations and Networks

We know that social justice work comes with risks that are mirrored and magnified in the digital space. That’s why we work with local and global social justice activists and networks to develop accessible holistic digital security and responsible data practices.

Public Institutions

This includes libraries, community centres and other spaces that offer free internet. We build the capacity of these institutions and community spaces to be sites of data privacy and security knowledge-building, transforming them into safe and accessible spaces for people to work, learn, connect, and grow.

BIPOC, youth, and elders

From socializing to accessing education services—these groups are underrepresented as designers and developers of the technologies they use in their day to day lives. We facilitate safe spaces to empower BIPOC, youth and elders in the digital sphere through learning and technology codesign.

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Watch Tiny Gigantic founder Myeong’s latest talk on designing, imagining and creating a more inclusive digital space at York University’s “Inclusion Days: Belonging in a Digital World”.