Tiny Gigantic

What we do

Tiny Gigantic develops strategies with communities organizing for social justice to more safely and freely use the internet to speak out, build power, and dream together.

Capacity Building in Holistic Security

We build knowledge and skill in holistic digital security, integrating technical security, operational security, self and collective care.

Organizations and Networks

We work with social justice activists and networks to develop practical holistic digital security and responsible data policies and practices in the US and globally.

Public Institutions

We build the capacity of public institutions and community spaces to be sites of data privacy and security knowledge building and learning

Advocacy & Action

We facilitate political education and action to transform the internet towards safety and openness for social justice activists. We work across sectors, with activists, internet rights advocates, and technology workers to create collective and political strategies to advance internet rights and social media platform accountability.

Global Exchange

Our approach is global and it aims to build with and learn from global holistic security and internet freedom movements. We are a part of a global community of women and gender non-binary digital security practitioners working to build autonomous and vibrant resilience strategies.

Bex Hong Hurwitz

Bex is an enthusiastic breaker and maker of technology for social justice. They see holistic security as one of many super powers social justice movements have to care for each other, be more sustainable and stand stronger against injustice. To them, digital security and safety issues are directly connected to ways that we can better design, use, and regulate technologies for social justice. Bex is part of queer and Korean Adoptee movements in the U.S. and they find inspiration and wisdom in working alongside others with the deep understanding that our liberation is linked.