Our Work

Holistic Organizational Security:

We work with organizations and collectives to develop policies and build capacity in sustainable digital safety practices. Tiny Gigantic takes a collaborative approach to ensure that the strategies we develop align with your team, your organizational values, and your mission.

Curriculum Development and Training Programs:

We work with networks of social justice activists and public institutions to create curriculums and training sessions that advance digital rights, safety, privacy and platform accountability. Our workshops center radical self and collective care and are grounded in political education.

Examples include:

  • Supporting trainers working on women’s and sexual rights at the FTX: Safety Reboot, a feminist digital security training curriculum hosted by the Association for Progressive Communications.
  • Developing a digital safety curriculum with in-person and online training on digital safety for Kairos Fellowship’s goal to foster effective digital organizers.
  • Facilitating online skillshares, webinars, written guides and blog posts, to build digital security capacity with Defend Our Movements, an onlina resource, hosted by Media Justice, for activists to learn about digital security risks and develop tactics for safer organizing.


We facilitate workshops and can work with you to develop curriculum and training for your networks.

Content Development and Storytelling:

We deliver custom and original content such as training materials, process and policy documents, how-to guides, analysis pieces, landscape or incident reports, and creative tech-based projects.

This can look like:

  • Researching ways that data driven technologies can benefit platforms as well as users for the Mozilla Data Futures Lab.
  • Developing responsible data policies and practices for Multimer’s wearable sensor products.
  • Collaborating with writer and inventor, Alene Ducao, on speculative fiction work, “An AI Comes Out”, to explore how technology and social justice can work together for more just futures centered around BIPOC, queer, women, girls, tech, and science.

Who We’ve Worked With:

  • Kairos Fellowship
  • 18MR
  • Women Cross DMZ
  • Nobel Women’s Initiative
  • Detention Watch Network
  • Global Action Project
  • Association for Progressive Communication (Women’s Rights Program)
  • Allied Media Projects
  • Multimer
  • Allied Media Projects
  • Korea Peace Now
  • Astraea Foundation
  • ReFrame Fellowship

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