Tiny Gigantic holds a wealth of knowledge and expertise on digital security solutions, imagining alternative futures, and all things feminist-tech. And we love to talk about it!


How to Survive the End of the World: What is the Internet”, a discussion with Autumn Brown about the internet and digital safety for activists.
Brunch and Budget: What is Net Neutrality and Why Should You Care”, about net neutrality, the internet, and social justice.
Brunch and Budget: RAD Doxxes Dialect”, about data privacy and safety.


York University’s Inclusion Days: Belonging in a Digital World,” about designing, imagining, and creating a more inclusive digital world.
Data and Society Talk, “Collective Care Transforming Digital Security into Digital Power” about the importance of a holistic approach to digital security.
Laura Flanders Show, “Making Data Shift Power,” a discussion with Laura Flanders and Rashida Richardson from AI Now, about data safety, privacy, and justice.

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